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Cookies are text files that are temporarily stored on the hard drive of your computer every time you visit a website.

When you browse this website some information is automatically collected for statistical purposes and provide better service. This information could lead to the identification of the visitor .

These infos are concerning:

  •      the IP address
  •      the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier ) of requested resources
  •      the time and date of the request
  •      the operating system, browser, screen resolution
  •      other technical information

These data are anonymous and are processed and stored for statistical purposes only. 

There are several types of cookies, each of them follows the behavior of users to make the overall experience faster, easier and more efficient.

Cookies cannot harm your computer and do not contain personal or confidential information.

The cookies used on this website are the analytics cookies, which are used to measure and analyze how visitors browse our website: these data are intended to improve your browsing experience.

Some cookies may be installed by third parties that act as independent data controllers, not with your simple navigation on this website, but as a result of your actions as a "click out ".

Most of web browsers accept cookies, however, you have the option to reject changing the settings on your browser.

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your browser to find out how to manage, disable or delete all cookies:

By changing the settings you may lose some of the functionalities of this website .

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