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Vegan3000.info is the first Italian website about vegan cooking and it is online since 2000.

The website Vegan3000 is a project born from an idea of Emanuela Barbero and Gianni Corona, who are both vegan since 1999.

Created and mantained by volunteers, its aim is the dissemination of a peaceful lifestyle, conscious and without cruelty .

Vegan3000.info contains thousands of vegan recipes, all of them 100% "cruelty free" (no animal products nor cholesterol), and it offers plenty of information about the vegan choice from several points of view: ethical, healthful, environmental, philosophical, spiritual, social...

Vegan3000.info is an ethical, independent, free website and it is visited by an average of 1500 people a day, with about one million page views per year.


Emanuela Babero is also the author and co-author of sveral books (libri sulla Cucina Etica), including the Best & Long Seller La Cucina Etica, the most complete vegan Cookbook released in Europe, with approximately 800 ethical and cruelty free recipes.


Contacts: vegan@vegan3000.info

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