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Orange peels


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4 Peel organic oranges in thick skin
sugar (same weight of orange peel cooked and drained)


Cut into strips slightly less than one centimetre the Peel (including the white part) of oranges with thick skin.
Place them for 3 days in a bowl covered with water, changing the latter morning and evening.
After this time, remove the skins, give them a mild blanched, drain again and pesatele.
Put in a large pan on the skins and an equal amount (by weight) granulated sugar and cook over the fire, stirring constantly for about .5 hour, until the sugar has melted, which don't come to crystallize.
Turn off the heat and put the peels to cool on a large sheet of parchment paper.
Store them in jars.

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sono un'ottima merendina anche per i più piccoli.

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ottimi per biscotti vari e come chicchetti da gustare

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