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Vegan tiramisu (2)


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Cocoa powder
500 g tofu
Vegan biscuits 400 g
Soy cream to mount
100 g sugar


First prepare the coffee, long enough for dunking cookies and let cool.
Whip the cream and add the sugar.
Blend then the tofu until creamy no lumps and add slowly to the mixture prepared earlier.
Add the coffee, you have prepared previously, two tablespoons of water to stretch it a bit and start to dip cookies, which must be well soaked but not completely drenched.
Spread a layer of biscuits in a bowl, then spread on a layer of cream level off with a spatula.
Follow the same procedure for the second layer.
When finished, sprinkle with plenty of unsweetened cocoa powder the surface of your Tiramisu and add a handful of chocolate chips.
Place in the fridge for a few hours to shrink the sweet and ... Bon Appetit!

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(Thanks to Monica Guido - biovegan.spazioblog.it)

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Ho provato ad aggiungere anche una goccia di limone e una di latte di soia al tofu per renderlo più cremoso.

- Monica Guido -

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