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Colomba - Easter cake (with yeast)


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500 g flour type 0 manitoba
25 g of yeast
300 g water
150 grams of corn malt
100 grams of corn oil cold pressed
100 g almonds, toasted and chopped
2 organic oranges
1 tablespoon hazelnut paste (optional)
5 grams of salt
5 gr of cinnamon
50 g almond flakes


Dissolve 25 g of yeast 300 g of water with a tablespoon of flour.
In a bowl, put all the dry ingredients: flour, salt, cinnamon, almonds, plus grated rind of two oranges.
In another bowl, go put the liquid ingredients: malt, corn oil, orange juice and hazelnut paste (optional). Then you stir everything very well.
Now combine the dry ingredients with those liquids, adding water with yeast.
You work the mixture well five minutes and leave to stand for about an hour, covered with a cloth in a warm, as close as possible to the ideal temperature, from 18 to 25° c.
Pour the dough into the shape of a dove and leave to stand for about an hour, until the dough doubles in volume.
We have to be very careful in bake the Dove because especially with the yeast there is a risk of the effect collapse, which threatens to ruin all the work.
The oven must be at 200° C for 40 minutes.
Halfway through cooking, you should check if the top of the Dove took too much color: in this case put over very carefully, a sheet of aluminum foil.
When cooked with a small brush spread the blend of malt and water and sprinkle on freshly toasted almond flakes.

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(Ricetta a cura di Pasquale Boscarello, pubblicata su AAM Terranuova, Aprile 2007, pag. 16-17)

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