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Pesto Piedmont style


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coarse salt 1 kg
carrots 1 kg
1 kg onions
400 g celery
basil 300 g
300 g parsley
rosemary 30 g
sage 30 g
thyme 30 g
2 or 3 heads garlic to taste


Clean the vegetables, finely chop finely with the mixer.
Put ingredients in a large binder and add salt.
Stir occasionally so that the salt can blend to vegetables.
The next day (at least 24 hours later), put the pesto sauce in glass jars.

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This pesto sauce can be used in various ways, to prepare the vegetable stock, to flavor cereals or in preparing vegetables.
The recipe ingredient values already washed away.
With these doses are made about 6 jars of 500 g.

(Thanks to Vincenzo B.)

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1 kg di sale???? da morire sul colpo! si tratta di un errore tipografico? grazie.

- Nicola -

Questo pesto piemontese viene usato come dado vegetale, di conseguenza la quantità di sale è corretta.

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

Per quanto tempo vanno conservati i barattoli?

- Lucia64 -

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