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Russian salad (2)


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200 g peas
1 carrot
1 small cauliflower
a brick of tofu from 200 gr
soy milk to taste.
2 c of mustard
2 c lemon juice
.5 c salt
1 C of acidulous of umeboshi
2 C of sour rice
a PCs of turmeric
corn oil or sunflower oil to taste.


Cut the vegetables into small cubes and boil in salted water separately.
Scald in water even the tofu and let it cool down.
Put it in the blender with mustard, milk, salt, lemon juice, turmeric, an acid touch and blend well.
Slowly add the oil until you have a lovely creamy mayonnaise and soda.
Mix vegetables with mayonnaise and let it sit for an hour in the refrigerator before serving.

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Thanks to Associazione di Laboratorio di Cucina Naturale di Manuela Palestra

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