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Citrus salad


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For 4 people: mixed salad (lettuce, curly)-2 heads Belgian Endive-grapefruit-an orange-lemon-a pomegranate-sugar-extra virgin olive oil-salt-pepper


Cut the endives lengthwise and let it jump briefly, in a pan, in a couple of tablespoons of oil, then add salt and pepper. Raw peeled grapefruit, Orange and lemon, gathering in a bowl the juice coming out from citrus fruits during this operation. Cut into slices a piece of each peel of citrus; blanch the threads then let them cook in frying pan with a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of water. Peel, wash and chop a heart of lettuce and endive; collect all in a serving dish, add the slices of citrus fruits, grains of pomegranate, served with Belgian and half the season the salad with a citronnette prepared with half of citrus fruit, salt, pepper and olive oil 60 g.

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Tempo: 30'
Ricetta tratta da "Cucina Italiana"

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