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Bruschetta with sourdough bread


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For 4 people

8 slices of homemade bread

topping with "Fair Trade" sauces of vegetables from the social cooperative Terra Madre (which makes great organic products within a solidarity project involving those in need)


olive oil cold pressed

olives of Palestine

carrots (to serve)



If you don't use the bread ready, these are the directions for making sourdough, or sourdough.

It's a process itself is simple, requiring more of days because the fermentation process and some experience in order to know the dough.

Though of course that's fine too, naturally leavened bread ready or if better with organic flour.

You can make sourdough (preferably in spring or summer) starting with a little flour type 0 and water to make a soft dough.

Mix and let stand for a few days integrating it every day with more flour and water (so that you maintain the same consistency).

At some point will start to make bubbles and flavour of yogurt, this means that is beginning to ferment, namely to form the yeast.

You can now use quite a bit like yeast bread dough with flour that you like or even other ingredients (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.).

Whenever you use to make dough you have to reinstate it with flour and water.

Cooked in a box gives some slices resembling sliced bread, you can do it in smaller pieces, spalmaci little extra virgin olive oil, garlic clove and just step at this point guarniscile as suggests your imagination.

Then wipe it a few minutes in the oven.

In this case you can use fair trade sauces (great organic sauces with olives, onions, chicory, artichoke etc) possibly beautifying finely chopped olives or star-shaped carrots.

To slice the carrots in the shape of a star, make 5 small vertical incisions along the carrot, so dig 5 small furrows. Then finely slice so that you remain, in fact, of the five-pointed stars.

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