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For each portion

1 potato (for body)

4 slices of zucchini (for ears and feet)

2 black olives (for eyes)

1 piece of red pepper (for the nose)

1 piece of Leek (moustache)

Need some toothpicks to keep everything together




This is a special recipe for children to celebrate the return to school!

For body: wash the potatoes and boil in their skins.

For the ears and the feet: a zucchini blanched slightly small.

The nose: blanched briefly a stratum of pepper.

For hair: wash and blanch a piece of leek.

Compose Mr. Vegan Patato using toothpicks (even broken) to hold together the various pieces.

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Thanks to Zérogluten VéganBrest MJ Allenbach

Fonte: http://0-gluten-vege-brest.weebly.com/vegan-sg-monde--vegan-gf-world/m-patate-vegan-a-linfini-et-au-dela-_-mr-potato-vegan-to-infinity-and-beyond


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