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Potato dumplings with chestnuts


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For 4 people: 300 g of dried chestnuts-leaves-salt-1 kg of potatoes-salt-nutmeg-margarine-sage leaves


Soak dried chestnuts for about 1 hour in cold water.
Soon after, drain and cook for 1 hour in salted water with a few leaves of laurel.
eanwhile, thoroughly clean the potatoes, boil in their skins, peel and mash with potato masher chestnuts.
Place the two purees obtained in a large bowl and add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of nutmeg.
Knead thoroughly mixing vigorously until a consistent and elastic dough.
With a kitchen knife, divide the dough into small pieces and formed many small dumplings.
Cook in boiling water for a few minutes until it they rise to the surface, drain and dip them in a pan, in which you have melted margarine with some sage.
Mix for a few minutes and serve immediately.

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Easy preparation.

ADVICE: To make more pleasant the appearance of your dumplings, you could pass them gently on a grater exerting a little pressure with your fingers.

WORKAROUND: If the dough becomes too hard, add a few tablespoon of soy milk and keep stirring.

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