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Orange salad


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200 gr. fresh soy sprouts, 1 red apple, 2 or 3 oranges, 1 lettuce (lettuce or escarole or endive), olive oil and salt


Prepared 200 gr. about fresh sprouts of soybeans (homemade by you with the green soybeans or purchased at the greengrocer or supermarket).
The bud will eat everything: just rinse and drain well.
Wash and cut into quarters a nice big apple (or two children); if the apple is organic you don't need to peel it: much of vitamins, minerals and medicinal active substances such as pectin, accumulate in the skin (unfortunately also chemicals used as pesticides and fertilizers).
Cut the apple slices into cubes and add them to the shoots.
Skinned alive (i.e. removing with the sharp knife not only outside but also the white pith) 2 or 3 medium sized oranges, then slice taking care to gather any juice that came out.
The juice can be mixed with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a little salt.
Add the orange slices in apples and sprouts and stir gently.
Clean a lettuce (lettuce or escarole or endive) and cut it into pieces; use it as a base for the rest of the ingredients and serve with the sauce, orange juice or simply with olive oil and salt.
This recipe is particularly suitable as a starter for a light winter lunch, accompanied by bread.

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