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Capuchin pasta


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For 4 people: 300 g of pasta (shells) – 300 g of broccoli cauliflower – 1 shallot – a handful of raisins - 50 g pine nuts – 1 sachet of Saffron – olive oil – salt and pepper


Divide the cauliflower into florets then bake or steam in very little water, making sure to leave it still crisp.
Chop the shallots and let him jump into a large pan.
Add the florets of cauliflower, saffron dissolved in a cup of water, crushed pine nuts, raisins and let go a few minutes; season with salt, add a pinch of pepper, mix well and cook with the lid on for about ten minutes, adding water if necessary.
Besides you will have cooked the noodles: pour it now in the pan with the sauce and sauté for a few moments. Serve hot.

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(Thanks to Giancarlo C.)

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provatela anche con concentrato di pomodoro o pomodori freschi al posto dello zafferano (con i bucatini)

- daniela -

mettere un pizzico di zenzero x aromatizzare

- francesca -

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