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Fusilli with curry and onions


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For 4 people: 1 onion (red or white is indifferent), curry powder hot or mild according to taste, soy cream, 400 g short pasta (penne, fusilli, sedanini), oil, salt, peas (optional)


Cut the onion in thin slices, sauté with very little oil and some water until cooked (10 minutes almost lively), put a pinch of salt and a couple of teaspoons of curry during cooking.
Turn off the heat, add the cream, stir and throw us into the dough drained turning quickly. Serve.
Excellent version with the addition of peas (frozen ones are just fine, and you add directly to start cooking the onion).

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(Thanks to Paola Segurini)

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Questa ricetta è ottima se metti anche dei peperoni a striscioline e una pesca sciroppata! provare per credere!

- mirko -

ho evitato anche quel pò d'olio consigliato, il risultato è stato "slurposissimo" lo stesso, grazie per tutte le ricette !!! ps: la prossima volta proverò con i piselli e la successiva anche con gli asparagi...

- davide -

Grazie Paola Segurini ricetta gustosa provero con piselli o asparagi un abrazo cariño

- Ornella -

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