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Tofu with Nori seaweed


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225 g of tofu-rice miso, nori sheet, 1/2 q.b.-toasted and cut into strips


1. wrap the tofu with a clean cloth and put it on a cutting board. Place a weight on top or a flat, to make out the excess liquid, and leave it like that for half an hour.

2. Remove from cloth and spread with a layer of miso by half cm thick, so as to cover it. Store it on a plate in the fridge for 24 hours.

3. Scrape away the miso (holding it aside, to flavor soups) and rinse well with warm water to remove all the miso. Let it drain.

4. Cut the tofu into cubes or strips and cover each piece with a strip of nori, joining the two ends as needed with a little water. Serve cold on a large serving dish accompanied, if you will, from the raw seafood.

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Ricetta tratta dal libro di Peter e Montse Bradford "L'arte di cucinare con le alghe" (Macro Edizioni)

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