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Orecchiette with turnip greens


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For 4 people: 2 cloves of garlic, olive oil, 2 kg of turnip greens, 400 g orecchiette, salt.


Separate the florets from the leaves, wash them, leave them to soak for a few minutes and allow to drip dry. Brown garlic in oil in a pan.
Aside from heat the water with the florets, when the water reaches a boil, add the orecchiette and a handful of coarse salt, cook, drain the florets with orecchiette (preferably al dente); pour the mixture into the pan and blow up the whole thing.
Serve immediately ... ... ... and Bon Appetit!

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As an alternative to fried garlic in oil, add, once drained the pasta only raw olive oil, is great anyway.
(Thanks to Maristella)

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la vera ricetta non prevede che le cime di rape vengano bollite ma si fanno cuocere in una grossa padella con un po' di olio e l'aglio. dopo si aggiunge la pasta!!!

- Ilaria -

Sono d'accordo con Ilaria! Anche perché cuocere la verdura nell'acqua perde gran parte di nutrienti!

- Marina -

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