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Potato and lentils croquettes


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For 4 people: 6 medium sized potatoes-1 cup of lentils-1 cup of oat (or other corn)-pepper-salt-breadcrumb-oil for frying


Boil the potatoes and, separately, the lentils.
When will keep remove from the heat and rinse them under cold water.
Pounded the potatoes until you get a kind of coarse puree and stir so the lentils and corn flakes that you previously prepared and leave them to soak for a few minutes in hot vegetable stock.
Stir to distribute ingredients, season with salt and pepper and stir.
Now with the help of a spoon or, more simply, with your hands try to form croquettes, a couple of centimeters in diameter and four centimeters long, put them in the breadcrumbs and place them in a baking dish.
Heat frying oil now in a deep pan and when it is hot dip the croquettes until a nice golden brown.

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(Thanks to Alessandro Cattelan)

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non avevo le lenticchie (sono in olanda e non so come dire lenticchie nella lingua) e ho messo dei piselli. L'avena è stata spettacolare e ci sono piaciute molto. Magari le rifarò al forno.

- Sara -

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