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Peppers stuffed with vegetables


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For 8 people: 4 or 8 3 5 carrots, peppers, yellow onions, 2 tomato sauce 3 tablespoons of sauce, parsley, sunflower oil (unrefined), 3 teaspoons of sugar, salt and vinegar as required


Peppers. Wash and cut out the circle around the stem. Remove the seeds and white filaments. Cover them with boiling water and leave them in the water for five minutes; then drain and dry. Stuff them with filling, arrange them on a baking sheet and cook in the oven-oiled.
The filling. Cut piccolini and saute carrots and tomato sauce, add the chopped parsley, sugar, vinegar and salt. Finish cooking.

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(Thanks to Alexandra Vojtenko - e a Ilaria per la segnalazione)

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sono vegan da dieci giorni e affamata di ricette nuove ,proverò la ricetta sicuramente, grazie

- mary -

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