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225 g flour
1 packet of baking powder
25 g sugar
50 g vegan margarine
140 ml soy milk
(optionally you can add to the dough 50 g of dried fruit and/or 50 g of corn flakes or chocolate chips)


Place the flour in a bowl, mix with sugar and baking powder.
Add the melted margarine and milk to form a soft dough, but not too liquid.
On a floured surface make a roll of approximately 2 cm in diameter and cut into rounds about 3-4 cm.
Put the resulting scones (about 20) on a baking sheet on which you previously placed the parchment paper, brush the top with soy milk and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 220 degrees, until the surface is golden.
Serve with tea and fruit jam.
Great for a high tea in Anglo-Saxon style.

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è stupenda, dovreste provarla!

- santana -

Li ho fatti più grandi,(da queste dosi ne sono usciti quattro) e sono venuti benissimo!!! Veramente ottimi. Grazie

- Rossana -

....sembrano molto golosi !

- anna -

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