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Rustic Christmas menu (6)

A menu for a rustic Christmas suitable for an extended family, large and noisy. Many tasty recipes embellished with little touches of sophistication!

by Vera Ferraiuolo


This menu is designed for a home meal, for an extended family,
numerous and noisy;
more than the quality of the dishes,
which in this case might have been overemphasized,
we wanted to bet on taste.
Our suggestion, therefore, is a little rustic,
though with little touches of sophistication.
Some recipes require a bit of manual labor and time to be executed,
a good reason to involve the family in the preparation!

Too strange or expensive ingredients have been avoided
so as not to give the idea that veganism is stuff for the rich... since we know it isn't like that!

To all of you, have fun in the kitchen, happy holidays and enjoy!