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Vegan Carnival chiacchiere


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350 g flour
80 g brown sugar
40 g margarine
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
2-3 tbs rum or brandy
1/2 tsp yeast powder
a pinch of salt
lemon peel and cinnamon (optional)


Mix flour, sugar, margarine softened, oil, salt, baking powder and, if desired, a small grating of lemon zest or a pinch of cinnamon.
Add the brandy or rum until dough that lie down with difficulty; mix well, form a ball and let rest in refrigerator for one hour.
Form the chiacchiere, make a cut in the middle and FRY in hot oil until they take color.
For a lighter cooking: fry the chiacchiera for a few moments and then in the oven for the final cooking.

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Thanks to Vera Ferraiuolo - veruccia.blogspot.com/2007/02/chiacchiere.html

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