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Eggplants with herbs


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500 g of long eggplant

For the brine
50 g extra virgin olive oil
50 g of apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon dried mint
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon parsley
1 pinch of sage
hot pepper
fine salt


Wash dry and remove the stem with eggplant. Optional peel them.
Cut them into thin slices with the blazing of a smooth bottom grill and mandolin, do the water drop test (if dance in grill pan, then reached the warmth), arrange the eggplant slices and turn after about two minutes.
Meanwhile the brine ingredients emulsify with a riding crop.
Remove the first aubergines and arrange them in a single layer in a bowl, pour over two or three tablespoons of emulsion.
Continue in the same way until you finish the ingredients, alternating eggplant and emulsion.
Just leave them in brine half an hour and you can already enjoy, it is obvious that more remain in the sauce more flavor!

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(Thanks to Anna - MAMY TVB)

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io le faccio diversamente: scotto le melanzane a fetine sottili in acqua e aceto (parti uguali), poi le metto a strati: melanzane, aglio a fettine sottili, peperoncino, origano, timo, coperte di olio. Si possono usare come contorno per tutto l'inverno, se si chiudono ermeticamente i vasetti

- paola -

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