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Stuffed eggplants


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For 2 people

1 medium sized eggplant

100 g small pasta

10 green olives

1 tablespoon of tomato paste

1 pinch of yeast flakes

2 tablespoons chickpea flour

a few drops of vegetable cream


I know, it's hot, and turn the oven on isn't so great, but for these eggplants I would say we can make a sacrifice.

First I cut the eggplant in half lengthwise, leaving even the petiole, then I empty the two halves, salt and settle on a cutting board so they lose water.

I mince the meat extracted and brown it in a pan for a few minutes, then I add finely chopped olives.

I mix.

Meanwhile, in a glass, I mix a tablespoon of tomato paste in about 100 ml of hot water and I add olive with eggplant.

Once evaporated the water, I pour the compound into the blender, I add a few drops of vegetable cream and yeast flakes and blend until creamy.

I bake the 100 g of small pasta and then I pour it into a pan along with the eggplant.

I warm up mixing thoroughly.

Once cooled the mixture, I take the two halves, after having rinsed them from the excess salt, and I fill the eggplant with pasta.

I put a tablespoon of flour in a glass with a little water and I mix to get a thick cream that I will pour in the eggplant: a tablespoon of flour for each half.

I bake at 200 degrees until the chickpea cream is cooked.

I added no salt since the eggplant and olives were already salted.

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Thanks to Cristina Eva Perjesi

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Ma cosa è l'ortolina? Di cosa è composta?

- Franci -

L'ortolina non è altro che un concentrato di pomodoro alle verdure. E' una marca molto vecchia , la usava già mia nonna. Facendo una ricerca su google con il termine 'ortolina' ti uscirà anche la foto della confezione.

- Cristina -

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