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All tastes lentil patties


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For 25 meatballs
1/2 pound of cream of lentil soup (lentil peeled, chopped onion, salt and boil until it becomes a cream)
chickpea flour 50 g
rice flour 80 g + 20 for the breading
wheat starch (or rice, or maize) 20 gr
1/2 lemon
a medium tomato or two small
1 bunch fresh coriander
rocket 50 gr
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 pinch of dried mint
salt to taste
sunflower oil and/or extra virgin olive oil for frying


Set aside in a bowl for the breading the 20 gr of rice flour and starch, and a pinch of salt.
Mix the cream of lentil soup with the rest of the flour, the grated rind of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, finely chopped onion, coriander and cumin seeds, a pinch of salt.
Take a tablespoon of dough at a time (turns out pretty soft) and put it into the flour for the breading, and there model meatballs slightly crushed.
Fry quickly in hot oil and drain on paper towels.
Accompany with a side of arugula and diced tomatoes and seasoned with olive oil, salt, dried mint, crumbled and the juice of half a lemon.

There are endless variations:
-not wanting to avoid gluten, flour can be barley, wheat etc etc
-other tomatoes instead of fresh seasonal vegetables, such as fennel, salad, cucumbers etc.
-instead of onions garlic, cilantro instead of parsley or other herbs, leafy part of the celery, etc etc.
-instead of cumin and mint other spices such as coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, fennel and so on and so on and so forth
-If you want you can add chili pepper at will

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