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Bean patties


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2 small boxes or large beans or pinto beans
1 clove garlic (or even a little onion, finely chopped or diced)
a dusting of flour 00 (or even rice flour)
black or white pepper (optional)
extra virgin olive oil
bread crumbs to taste.


Pour the beans in colander and a quick rinse under the tap, just to remove the liquid.
Put them in a bowl and crush them with a fork.
Add crushed garlic or onion, salt (no exaggeration), parsley if you like pepper, a sprinkle of flour and/or breadcrumbs; mix well.
As the beans are a good consistency for doing dumplings no need to use lots of flour or bread crumbs: start with a dusting and then adjusted mixing and making a test dumpling and seeing that doesn't stick too much to the hands.
Shape into balls a little crushed.
If you want you can leave half an hour or more in the fridge to make good shape, but is optional because they are fine just the same.
Anyway after they formed wipe it in the bread crumbs.
Cooking the Meatballs in a pan with oil (not too little else they stick) not more than 10 minutes.

Time required: 15 minutes preparation, 10 minutes cooking (+ 30 minutes if you put them in the fridge).

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(Thanks to Sara Madalen - http://ricetteperprincipianti.blogspot.it/2012/09/polpette-di-fagioli.html )

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Seguito la ricetta alla lettera e dopo 6 minuti nell'olio le polpette erano completamente sciolte !

- Anonimo -

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