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Canavesana vegan soup


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For 6 people
half savoy cabbage large
bread the day before to be sliced
2 mozzariselle from 200 g each
bread crumbs and sesame

tomato sauce (half bottle)
extra virgin olive oil
soy vegan burger 2
200 g of seitan
soy sauce (shoyu)


Prepare the broth with a heaping tablespoon of prepared vegetable broth.
In a pot, blanch the leaves to pour one-by-one for 5 min.
Prepare the gravy making heat the garlic in a pan, then add the burgers and the seitan minced.
Add shoyu and tomato sauce and simmer for half an hour.
Slice the bread and toast the breadcrumbs in a frying pan with a little olive oil.
In a deep pan put olive oil on the bottom and start making the layers starting with blanched cabbage leaves.
Put different because more cabbage put the soup is good.
Then place the bread to cover all interstices and then a layer of meat sauce and two-thirds of the first mozzarisella made into chunks.
Make another layer in the same order of ingredients and finally take a third layer with cabbage and bread mozzarisella remaining.
Pour three or four ladles of broth around.
Press everything and if the broth is a bit afloat by pressing the soup down you will know you have put enough broth.
Finally put abundant bread crumbs and sesame.
Close the pot and cook covered on low fire you for at least 3 hours.
The soup is prepared the day before and the day after is heated over a fire, always to a minimum, for a half hour and then into the oven.

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(Thanks to Cinzia Fontana)

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