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Sbrisolona cake


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For the pastry
150 g almond flour
200 g spelt flour
120 g brown sugar
60 g corn oil or rice or other
vanilla soy milk to taste.
hazelnut cream (see recipe)

For the hazelnut cream
125 g roasted hazelnuts reduced to flour
150 g dark chocolate
175 g vanilla soy milk or chocolate
75 g brown sugar
30 g of rice oil


For the pastry
Mix all the ingredients for the pastry, grease with margarine and flour or cover with parchment paper a baking pan 20 cm.
Sprinkle on the bottom part of the pastry sbriciolandola all, focusing on the hazelnut cream and cover with the pastry again nice crumbled.
Press with your hands to concentrate on everything.
Bake at 180° C for about 20-30 minutes.
Remove still slightly soft because the pastry continues to cook even outside the oven.

For the hazelnut cream
I use the Thermomix.
Reduce 125 g roasted hazelnuts in flour, add 150 g of dark chocolate and chop it all off, add 175 g of soy vanilla or chocolate milk, 75 g of sugar and 30 g of rice oil.
7 minutes 50 degrees speed 3.
Eventually blend everything again and is ready.

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