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Hummus with fava beans and cherry tomatoes


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For 4 people
250 g dried peeled fava beans
1 clove of garlic
3 or 4 dried tomatoes in oil
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of chilli powder
aromatic salt


This recipe is clearly inspired by our unsurpassed southern cuisine, where the Mediterranean flavors still play a major role! :-)

Soak the beans overnight, then cook in about 500 ml water for 30-40 minutes, until they are thoroughly cooked.
Chopped sun-dried tomatoes and the garlic, then add them to the beans and add the oil, salt and pepper.
Blend all ingredients thoroughly and if necessary also merged a few tablespoons of water, so as to soften slightly in the mixture, which eventually should be smooth and creamy.
Serve preferably on slices of toast right now.

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