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Tri-colored pasta with stir fry zucchini


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For 4 people

350 g tri-colored pasta (farfalle or other short pasta of your choice)

5 small to medium zucchini, not too big

extra virgin olive oil

mix of dried herbes de Provence


1 sachet of saffron (optional)


Summer time zucchini (preferably from the kitchen garden, for those who have one)!
What better way to enjoy them freshly picked and sautéed with a tasty pasta?
We offer you one of our favorite dishes during the holiday season: this is a very simple and very tasty preparation, that never gets outdated!

Wash the zucchini and cut off the ends.
Cut the remaining zucchini into matchstick or sticks or strips.
I proceed as follows: first cut into rounds 1/2 cm thick, then the overlap between them and then proceed with the cut getting sticks (like those in the final dish with photo).
Heat a few tablespoons of oil and then saute the zucchini, flavouring, just with a little salt and herbes de Provence.
Drain the pasta al dente and stir-fry together with zucchini: your dough is ready.

You can also add a sachet of saffron, giving the dish a twist!



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