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Risotto with fresh borlotti and vegetables


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For 6 people: 400 g rice 150 g 100 g green beans-tomato--100 g 100 g peeled onions-fresh borlotti-red pepper flap g 80-50 g margarine-Basil- vegetable broth l. 1.200-dry white wine-olive oil-Salt


Boil the beans, removing two thirds of cooking. To prepare the risotto, lower the flap small-diced pepper and green beans into pieces. Chop the onion and put it to dry in 4 tablespoons of oil. Add the rice and toast over high heat, then sprinkle with half a glass of wine. Cook combining the pieces of string beans, pinto beans and, gradually, the hot broth. When cooked, add the diced bell pepper, season with salt, then turn off leaving the risotto al dente and rather to the wave. Whip it then with margarine, chopped Basil and fresh tomatoes (only the pulp), coarsely chopped. Let stand on risotto, keeping it covered, for a few minutes before taking him to the table. Garnish.

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Tempo: 60'
Ricetta adattata da "Cucina Italiana"

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