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Celeriac cutlets


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For 4-8 people (portions depending on the size of celeriac)

1 celeriac

2 tablespoons chickpea flour

2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs

1 tablespoon dried herbes de Provence

1/2 teaspoon salt

olive oil for frying


The celeriac cutlet is a classic preparation of vegan kitchen and there are several variations, in particular as regards the breading, for which you can use the kind of flour depending on personal taste and what you want to accomplish.

We have opted for a tasty and crunchy breading using:
1) chickpea flour for flavor,
2) bread crumbs for crunch,
3) herbes de Provence for the bouquet of perfumes.

Also, instead of blanch the celery in boiling salted water as is done routinely, we preferred it steaming, to preserve to the maximum its extraordinary taste and also vitamins and minerals it contains.

Here is Vegan3000's recipe for breaded celeriac cutlets.


Peel the celeriac washing it well and cutting away the outside.

Cut into slices of about 5-8 mm thick, then steam for about 15-20 minutes: these slices will become your cutlets.

Prepare the batter by mixing two tablespoons of chickpea flour, two tablespoons of bread crumbs, a tablespoon of dried herbes de Provence and half a teaspoon of salt.

Lightly moisten the celery cutlets with a little water, bread them and fry in hot oil until golden on both sides.

Serve with a salad or with a side of other vegetables of your choice.


Our advice
Try these delicious vegetable cutlets with a few drops of lemon!

Alternatively, for the breading you can prepare a batter with flour, herbs of Provence and salt mixed with a little water, and only then switch the celeriac cutlets in breadcrumbs before frying them in a skillet.

The end result is quite similar but more traditional, although it expects an extra step.

For the everyday cooking we favour easier and faster recipes, with a few selected ingredients! :-)

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Thanks to Emanuela Barbero, webmaster of Vegan3000 and author of vegan cookbooks

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La ricetta mi piace tantissimo però assolutamente non metterei il nome di cotoletta perché se andate a guardare il significato di cotoletta è solo riferibile a preparazioni a base di carne... poi le critiche degli onnivori ce le tiriamo dietro per forza

- Linda Damiani -

Linda, cosa suggeriresti?

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

Chiedo se si possano cuocere anche in padella, in forno o in altra modalità non fritta

- Alessandra -

Alessandra si possono far dorare in padella con un velo d'olio, come ho fatto io, ottenendo una bella doratura croccante (senza friggerle completamente).
Non ho mai provato a farle cuocere in forno ma non vedo controindicazioni.

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

Oggi a pranzo ho provato una variante con farina di grano saraceno, devo dire che mi hanno pienamente soddisfatta.
1 sedano rapa
50 gr farina di grano saraceno
10 gr farina di ceci
1 cucchiaio parmigiano vegan
1 pizzico di sale
olio per friggere
Cuocere a vapore il sedano rapa, pelarlo e tagliarlo a fette di circa mezzo cm di spessore.
Preparare la pastella con gli altri ingredienti ed aggiungere poca acqua fino ad ottenere una consistenza piuttosto densa.
Asciugare le fette tamponandole con carta assorbente, passarle nella pastella e friggerle.
Io le ho servite su un letto di cavolo cappuccio, ci stava benissimo!
Buon appetito.

- Marina -

Grazie Marina per la tua variante! :-)

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

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