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Chickpea omelette


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- 4 tablespoons chickpea flour

- salt

- oil

- vegetables to taste


It's really simple and very fast to make a great omelette... vegan!  :-)

Add a pinch of salt and water to the chickpea flour just enough to have a mixture that is not too dense. Mix with a whisk.

If you want, you can now add vegetables, onions, potatoes or other, but sliced very thinly.

Oil a frying pan and heat well.

Pour the mixture and level quickly.

Cook over a high heat for 1 minute with lid.

Turn and cook on the other side for another minute, always on a lively flame and always with lid.


Now you just need a side dish to taste and you will have a nutritious and tasty dinner!

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Thanks to Marina Zendri

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