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Sweet pastry with apples


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For 4 people: 500 g of puff pastry-500 g apples-2 dl of grappa-50 g sultanas-2 orange peel-50 g pine nuts-20 g margarine (for the Pan)-150 g sugar


Carefully wash the apples, peel and cut into slices.
Thoroughly clean even oranges and cut the zest in thin fillets. In a bowl rather roomy, add the apples, orange peel, sultanas, the pine nuts and brandy and let soak for half an hour.
Thereupon drain it all, add the sugar and stir for a few minutes.
Meanwhile, roll out the puff pastry with a rolling pin and divide it into two unequal parts.
The larger part will line the cake tin formerly "immargarinata" and powdered with flour.
Pour apple mixture then level off with a spoon and cover with the smallest part of the sheet.
Bake in hot oven for about 40 minutes at 180°.

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Io consiglio di non ungere la teglia ma di foderarla di carta forno. Buonissima!

- cheeka -

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