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Pea soup alla genovese


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For 6/8 people: 500 g of dried chickpeas-1 cup of oil-1 handful of dried mushrooms-2 cloves garlic-Sage-1 onion-celery-1 some tomato-1 carrot-sliced bread-salt


Put the chickpeas in warm water for about 10 hours with 1 pinch of baking soda. Put then in cold water and salty, let them cook for 3 hours. Sauté with olive oil, celery, garlic, 2 Sage leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms (softened earlier and then wrung out) and carrot chopped. Add the sauce to the chickpeas 1/2 hour before it's finished cooking. Pour the mixture into a bowl, over slices of toasted bread.

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