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Hazelnut cream


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For 4 people: 0.5 litres of milk rice + 0.5 liter of soy milk (or, if you prefer, 0.75 liters of rice milk + 0.25 than soy)-2 teaspoons agar agar-misnucolo 1 pinch of salt-2 tbsp malt (instead of wheat)
For the garnish: 2 tablespoons hazelnut butter-2 tablespoons stout-2 teaspoons chopped hazelnuts and 1 cookie (or a chocolate bitter)


Put the milk (proportions 3 choices of mid/mid + 1/4 or 4/) on the heat, add the agar agar and stir constantly.
Add malt, continuing to stir until boil.
Turn off the heat and pour into small bowls. When cool.
For the garnish: blending the malt and hazelnut cream and add the mixture thus obtained over the cups, along with the chopped hazelnuts and cookie.

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La proporzione consigliata per l'uso dell'agar agar solitamente è di 1 cucchiaino per ogni mezzo litro di liquido (latte, succo di mele, ecc.)

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