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Pasta with eggplant and tomato


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For 4 people: 400 g pasta (penne)-1 eggplant-1 can of chopped tomatoes-20 fresh basil leaves-extra virgin olive oil-1 clove of garlic-salt.


In a pan sauté chopped garlic and eggplant cut into chunks.
Cook until the eggplant will be crisp, then add the chopped tomatoes and harden the gravy, stirring with a wooden spoon.
Meanwhile the penne cooked al dente: drain and throw them in the sauce in which you will have freshly chopped fresh basil with your hands.
Stir and serve hot.

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io la faccio diversamente
infarino le melenzane e le friggo leggermente,scolo dall'olio in eccesso,metto a cuocere il pomodoro con uno spicchio d'aglio,dopo qualche minuto aggiungo le melenzane. tutto cio per far si che le stesse non si spappolino.. sono una bonta .. provar per credere.. bon appetit

- rosaria -

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