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Tofu no Kara-agé (crispy tofu slices)


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For 2 persons: 330 gr. about fresh tofu (give about 150 g slices of crispy tofu)-oil for frying-330 gr. pressed tofu


Use the oil to fill a wok or a frying pan in thick bottom or a deep Fryer till about 3-5 cm. tall.
Heat over high heat until the temperature gets to about 200 degrees on the thermometer for frying.
Reduce the heat and throw half the slices in the oil, gently sliding them along the bottom of the pan.
FRY for about 2 minutes, or until the tofu is golden and floats to the surface of the oil.
Turn each slice with long sticks or kitchen tongs, and continue to fry again for 1 or 3 minutes, until each piece is browned.
Transfer the slices in colander and leave to drain for several minutes.
Meanwhile, skim the surface of the oil and pour the remaining slices.
Dip the slices well drained on paper towels and let dry a few minutes.
Place the tofu on plates, or serve Japanese style, in a basket, or a bamboo strainer or bowl of white paper folded neatly lined service. Serve immediately as the crispy tofu.
For a change, marinate for 1 hour in Teriyaki sauce before serving.

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The above technique is the basis of all dipping fries. (See also Tofu: how to cook it)
(Thanks to Parama Karuna)

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