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Vegan bechamel sauce (with margarine)


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Flour-soy milk (better to neuter, unflavoured)-margarine-nutmeg-sale


Put a couple of tablespoons of flour (or even three, depends on how far you want dense) in a small pot tight and high. Add a pinch of salt, a little grated nutmeg and wishing a sixth of fine crushed stock cube (or, more conveniently, a pinch of powdered vegetable nut). Then add the soy milk, putting before little little little and stirring, or are the lumps. With two or three tablespoons flour and 1/2 a glass of milk or a little more (goes to taste). Prepare a margarine tocchetto (1x2x3 cm) near the stove, attach the answering machine and unplug the phone. Put the pot on the gas, and "mix without ever stopping." And ' stinker: just stop making any lumps! When it starts to boil to melt in the margarine and stir until melted. At that point, the mission is accomplished: turn off the gas, continuing to stir, switch off the machine, turn the phone and use the sauce for the purpose for which it was prepared.

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perchè non sciogliere prima la margarina, poi aggiungere la farina e poi il latte? in questo modo si dovrebbero evitare i grumi...

- Erica -

Ho sentito che la margarina si può tranquillamente sostituire con olio evo. Secondo me è da provare!

- Chiara -

In effetti sul sito abbiamo anche la versione della besciamella con l'olio, a questo link: besciamella con olio :o)

- Lo Staff di Vegan3000 -

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