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For 4 people: 400 g spaghetti-3 or 4 slices of seitan-sliced 1/2 stick of fresh tofu-1 medium onion-1/2 cup of olive oil-salt-pepper-1 sachet of Saffron or ginger


Put the oil in the pan with the sliced onion very finely, add the sliced seitan cut into squares of a centimeter and let sauté the onion.
Blanch tofu (four minutes), drain it, crush it and work it with a fork, add the saffron and mix (must be dry and grainy and yellow-as if it were egg).
Add the tofu to the pan and let flavour for one minute adding ginger.
Drain the spaghetti and seasoning.

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(Thanks to Dora Grieco)

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si grazie io però ho aggiunto un cucchiaino di lievito in scaglie tanto per sembrare parmiggiano reggiano.

- elisa -

Buona, però io la faccio con la farina di ceci, acqua frizzante e curcuma..è cremoso e sembra proprio uovo :). Selly

- Selly -

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