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Crêpes with mushrooms and radicchio chicory


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chickpea flour
mushroom type "champignon"
mixed radicchio chicory (green and red)
extra virgin olive oil


Prepare a batter with flour, water, a pinch of salt and baking soda and a sprig of rosemary; meanwhile preheat a nonstick skillet brushed lightly with olive oil e.v..
Clean and cut the mushrooms coarsely; wash the radicchio and cut it into strips.
Cook the mushrooms with parsley and garlic, sprinkle with a little white wine and simmer 7 minutes.
Cook the chickpea flatbread, which must be very thin on both sides; then add a side of mushrooms and roll it up on itself.
Make a couple in person and then bake in the oven quite high around 7 minutes.
Serve the crepes place above al radicchio and sprinkle with a bit of pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

To prepare crêpes, both sweet and savory, use the special Pan or crêpe maker.

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(Thanks to Valentina Banzola)

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io ho fatto una cosa simile...in realta le crepes le ho usate come lasagne e invece del radicchio ho usato gli spinaci. e alterno crepes con spinaci e funghi e besciamella. tanti strati e pooi...in forno viene un timballo buonissimo.

- mirko -

mmmmm pare che siano davvero buone queste ricette. Intendo anche quella di Mirko!

- agape -

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