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Mayonnaise with soy cream


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2 tablespoons soy cream
about 50 g of soybean oil or extra virgin olive oil
fine table salt
1 pinch garlic powder
1 tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar

N.B. If you need to compensate for the color add a pinch of Saffron or turmeric powder

Hand mixer or immersion Blender (I used the immersion Blender)
a high-sided Bowl or blender container
a dispenser for oil drip into the Bowl: mayonnaise must fall at most flush but fine!


Pour the cream into the bowl and operate the hand blender, keeping the speed OPTION for ALL the PREPARATION.
While emulsify pour the oil drop by drop, using a beaker: the thickening takes place after about 5 minutes.
Paid, just now and always at Blender started, vinegar, salt and garlic ... and if you want to get a color more yellow together even a pinch of Saffron or turmeric powder.
When the mayonnaise is ready, the texture and the color you want, then in a jar and store in the fridge.
It is better to make a little whenever you need it, in 5 minutes it is ready and you keep 4 days in the fridge.
The color is similar to the mayonnaise with yogurt that you buy at the supermarket.

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Io invece la faccio senza bisogno di mettere l'olio a filo. Metto nel boccale latte soia, il doppio di olio semi, sale, succo limone, senape, curcuma, tutto insieme. Frullo 10 secondi...e voilà

- Marina -

Ricetta ok ok grazie

- Renata -

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