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Chocolate truffles


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200 g dark chocolate in tablets
80 g margarine
80 g toasted hazelnuts
4 tablespoons cornstarch
1 small glass of rum
cocoa powder cake
paper cups mignon


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler after having chopped coarsely.
Blend finely the nuts and add the cornstarch.
Remove from the water bath the bowl with the melted chocolate and stir in margarine.
Stir until mix it completely.
Put in double boiler and shortly afterwards, stirring constantly, add the hazelnut liqueur, flour and cornstarch.
Stir to mix all ingredients well.
Remove from water bath and let cool.
Pour the sweet cocoa powder in a bowl.
Take the mixture, which should be almost cold, with the spoon and drop in cocoa powder.
Round or irregular dates as are truffles.
Put each truffle into a pirottina and end of packaging transfer everything in the fridge until ready to serve: the truffles will harden.

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Il consiglio per un consumo ideale: dopo ogni boccone, mugolare di piacere e leccarsi le dita!
Buon Appetito e Buone Feste!!

(Thanks to Anna - Mamy TVB)

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che bontà!fino a quanti giorni si mantengono i tartufi al cioccolato? Grazie e go vegan

- Veronica -

Ciao! Ho provato a replicare la ricetta ma ho un problema! Il cioccolato non si sente affatto, si sente la margarina, il rum ma il sapore del cioccolato rimane soffocato. Ho preso quello della Novi 50 %, dovrei prendere quello extra fondente? Help me!!!!

- Veronica -

Fantastici! Grazie per i suggerimenti!
Buon dolce a tutti! :)

- linda -

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