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Tart with azuki


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250 g dried azuki
150 g of wheat malt
3 tablespoons hazelnuts or almonds
grated zest of 1 organic Lemon
1 piece of kombu seaweed
1 pinch of vanilla powder
1 pinch of whole sea salt up

Basic dough for tarts and pies
300 g wholemeal flour type 2
15 g cream of tartar (natural yeast for cakes)
1 pinch of vanilla powder
1 pinch of whole sea salt up
the zest of organic Lemon .5 (or 8 drops of essential oil bio food lemon)
50 g corn oil cold pressed
90 g of cereal malt
90 g of Apple juice or pear


After they are soaked overnight, boil 1 hour the azuki in a regular pot with a piece of kombu seaweed.
When they are cooked, puree with Blender.
Add the remaining ingredients and place this dough based pie that you will make in the meantime.

Basic dough for tarts and pies
Preheat the oven to 180° c.
Put all the ingredients into a bowl and liquid in a glass.
After they are blended, pour the latter in the bowl with the flour and stir quickly with a whisk.
The dough you get should not stick their hands and should be rolled out with a rolling pin on lightly floured work surface.
Oil a baking sheet and sized with the dough that you laid out, letting the flour on the bottom.
Bucherellatelo with a fork, cover with aluminum foil and retire it 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 180° c.
Remove the foil, fill the dough with the mixture of azuki continue cooking for another 15 minutes uncovered.

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(Thanks to Angela Verduci e Mezzaluna Bio di Torino)

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