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For 8 people
125 g white flour type "0"
75 g corn cartoon (very finely ground cornmeal)
40 g chopped hazelnuts
140 g hazelnut flour
100 g caster sugar
150 g margarine without hydrogenated fats


Soften margarine and mix all the ingredients using the table as a work surface.
Let them pass between your hands until they are well broken in order crumbling.
Place the mixture thus obtained into a cake tin greased with little little margarine, always trying to crumble and holding high mass 1 cm or so.
Pressatee lightly and then lay on the surface some whole hazelnuts, finally passed in the oven at 180° C, as long as he took a light hazelnut color.

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(Thanks to Pasticceria Delizi, Anderzeno - TO)

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