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Chimichurri sauce


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1 large bunch of fresh parsley (about 150 grams only leaves)
1 clove garlic
20 g golden onion
20 g fresh ginger (cut into small squares to decrease the natural fibrous)
15 large natural green olives, pitted
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar
pepper and salt to taste

apatula licks pot
glass jar with sterilized screw cap


Prepare first olive oil in blender jar, combine all the remaining ingredients and blend.
The result is a pleasant and aromatic very thick green sauce.
With the help of the spatula licks pot put the mixture into the glass jar and store in the refrigerator for pasta, to be added to salads, or to flavor the potatoes or other veggies. Great for spreading on toast for aperitifs.

For a hint of creaminess in addition: integrate a ripe avocado Smoothie ingredients listed above.

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