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Spinach and mushroom gratin


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For 4 people

1 kg of spinach

200 grams of mushrooms

lemon juice

extra virgin olive oil

250 ml soy cream


red chilli powder

1 clove of garlic



Wash the spinach and cook al dente in a little water, then drain and squeeze with your hands.

Wash and slice the mushrooms finely, then pass them in a pan over medium heat until they have missed the vegetable water.

Heat the cream and leave to limit a bit, then season with salt and pepper.

Pass the spinach in hot pan with a little oil, toss and mix with a fork, where you put the garlic, used to flavor and that will take off when cooked.

Prepare a well oiled baking tray and lay on the bottom with a layer of spinach, cover them with mushrooms and cream.

Before serving, put the whole in a very hot oven for a few minutes to take color to the top layer of the gratin.

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