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Whole brown millet with black cabbage and tomatoes


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For 4 people

200 g of whole brown millet

400-500 g of black cabbage (or kale)

extra virgin olive oil


100 g cherry tomatoes in oil


Unlike the hulled golden millet, which during cooking becomes soft and is also suitable for weaning, whole brown millet remains crispy, thus creating a contrast between the consistency of the millet and that of black cabbage: in our view is well worth a try!

Let us know what are your experiences. :-)


Soak whole brown millet for at least a couple of hours, then rinse under running water using a fine mesh strainer and cook in lightly salted water (or broth) for about half an hour on low heat.

Meanwhile cook the cabbage in a pan and season it with a few tablespoons of olive oil, add salt, add about half a glass of water, stir and cover.

Occasionally stir checking that doesn't stick to the bottom, in which case add some more water.

When the millet and cabbage are cooked, add them in the same pan and mix thoroughly, then serve on plates with some cherry tomatoes in oil.

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Thanks to Emanuela Barbero, webmaster di Vegan3000 e autrice di libri di cucina vegan.

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La ricetta è buona, ma è normale che il miglio sia rimasto molto duro e di consistenza proprio coriacea? Grazie ☺️

- Giorgia -

Ciao Giorgia. :-)
Il miglio integrale va ammollato prima della cottura e in ogni caso ha una consistenza diversa dal più classico miglio decorticato, risultando leggermente "croccante" quando lo si gusta. :-)

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

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