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Pasta with potatoes and basil pesto


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For 2 people

180 g mafalde pasta (or trenette or linguine)
200 g potatoes
basil pesto (instead of whip make a beat)



A particularly rich and hearty dish that combines the classic pesto with pasta a bit unusual for this preparation, which traditionally prefers the linguine or trenette.
The beaten enhances even more the rustic character, giving pleasing contrasts of textures and flavors.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and boil in plenty of boiling salted water about 15 minutes from where, after boiling, add the pasta.
While baking prepare the basil pesto, obtaining a beaten rather crass: for this preparation we prefer it that way, but if you like a smoother texture, you can use a mixer or a traditional mortar.
When the pasta is cooked al dente--and the potatoes are very soft-drain and season with pesto you have freshly prepared in the meantime.

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Buona la ricetta ma dovreste anche mettere come si prepara il pesto ....

- Rita -

Rita, c'è il link all'interno della ricetta delle mafalde: basta cliccarci sopra! :-) Buon pesto!! :-)

- Manu di Vegan3000 -

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