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Pipe rigate with raw vegetable ragout


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For 6 people: short pasta type "pipe rigate 500 g 150 g 150 g celery-carrot--mushrooms champignon" g "100-a layer of red pepper, peeled, g 50-a roof of green pepper, peeled, g 50-a yellow pepper, peeled, chopped 30 g Leek-50 g-aromatic (basil, parsley, thyme)-garlic-olive oil-Salt-black pepper


Trim the celery and leek; Peel the carrot and mushrooms, raschiandoli at the base to remove any dirt. Wash the vegetables along with peppering flaps; drain well, then reduce everything into very fine cubes (sweated). Collected in a bowl, add a whole clove of garlic but slightly flattened and seasoned with 9 tablespoons of oil, a big pinch of chopped aromatic, a pinch of salt and a generous grinding of pepper. Cover the bowl and let marinate the vegetables for 3 hours. Just before serving, place in a saucepan with water, pour that fire to boil and lesserete pasta. "Al dente", rinfrescatela under running water, drain, then collected in a proper Salad Bowl and toss with the brunoise of vegetables, from which you will have discarded the garlic.

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Tempo: 30' + la marinatura delle verdure
Ricetta tratta da "Cucina Italiana"

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Ben trovate ..... adesso provo a fare la pasta sfoglia


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