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Vegan omelette served with radicchio


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For the vegan omelette

1 small or medium yellow onion

2 tablespoons chickpea flour

1 tablespoon of flour manitoba

2 tablespoons of potato flakes (not to be confused with the mashed potato flakes)

the tip of a spoonful of potato starch

1 pinch of baking powder bread

1 handful of yeast flakes

For the side dish

1 radicchio

pink salt

1 handful of dried mushrooms

1 handful of raisins

the mushroom soaking water



Here's my proposal for a quick and tasty dinner.

First prepare the omelette.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and add room temperature water, a little at a time, stirring with a whisk, until I get a batter with the consistency of the beaten egg.

Aside from cutting into thin slices a medium-small yellow onion and brown in a frying pan. I did not use oil, but you can use it.

Once browned and cooled down, I add it to the batter.
Stir to mix, then I cook in a skillet on both sides.
Even here I did not use oil, because I used a pan covered with stone.

For the outline I cut into pieces, after washing and drying, a radicchio.
I did wither in a pan with salt, dried in pink, so they threw out all the water.

Once evaporated its water, I added a handful of dried mushrooms and a handful of raisins, both previously found in warm water.

I continued cooking, adding the mushroom soaking water.
Once evaporated, I added some chopped parsley and served.

Enjoy your meal.

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Thanks to Cristina Eva Perjesi

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